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Pixels dives into mobile chat with launch of ChatBot

ChatBot enables brands to engage consumers through native chat apps and mobile ads

Hong Kong – 5 June 2017 – Pixels, Asia’s leading multi-screen advertising technology company today announced that it has officially launched its ChatBot program with Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong signed on as its first client. Chatbot is a chat application that enables consumers to chat via messaging apps with brands simulating conversations with a real person. Pixels’ ChatBot is enabled on major messaging platforms including Facebook Messenger, Skype, on SMS/Text and via web browsers. It has been developed by Pixels and now made available to all advertisers as a custom development program.

“AI, chatbots and VR are the three hottest topics in digital marketing this year and we’re pleased to bring to market one of the 3 top emerging global trends with the launch of Pixels’ ChatBot to advertisers in Asia. With ChatBot, advertisers can now effectively integrate their current promotional messages to consumers on messaging apps already commonly used by consumers”, said Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels.

The market for chatbots globally is growing exponentially and according to Transparency Market Research, the market for chatbots are forecasted to be worth US$995 million by 2024 as companies invest into them as a business transformation tool as well as automation of a variety of business and marketing functions. Chatbots are now commonly used in customer service centers but increasingly marketers and brands are adopting and integrating them into their marketing campaign, specifically with their mobile based promotion where integrating chat is seamless and un-intrusive for consumers.

Pixels has already signed up and launched ChatBot with Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong as the pioneer advertiser for its latest illuma Organic product launch. The mobile campaign integrates a series of Q&A into HTML5 ads using the chatbot engine developed by Pixels with the aim of helping answer questions from parents regarding the new organic product seamlessly and directing them relevant information immediately.

According to Alexandra Lo, Digital Lead at Wyeth Nutrition Hong Kong, the decision to integrate ChatBot as part of this new product launch was a no brainer. “Young mums, especially the millennial mums, rely on new technologies to get inspiration for parenthood. Seeing the emerging needs, Wyeth Nutrition is eager to embrace new technology to make their parental journey more enjoyable. We are glad to be their first brand using Pixels’ ChatBot. The technology does not only enhance our communication efficiency, it also addressed parent’s need for timely yet credible information REAL TIME, and engaged them with an improved brand experience throughout!”, she said.

Pixels ChatBot is made available on Facebook Messenger, Skype, SMS/Text and Mobile web and its technology can be embedded in advertising space that’s available on the Pixels Ad Marketplace on over 150 mobile partners. They enjoy a mobile reach of 100% across all smart phones in Hong Kong with an unprecedented 100% reach on iOS Android devices reaching over 4.798 million unique visitors monthly*.

For more information or a demo of ChatBot, please download our free Pixels RM5 showcase app on the AppStore or Google Play or visit us at

Pixels’ Mobile Rich Media Showcase App is available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.


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Pixels is the receipient of multiple industry awards including Best Mobile Advertising Team (Gold) and Best Mobile Advertising Platform (Gold) at Marketing Magazine’s Mobile Excellence (Mob-EX) Awards 2016.

Pixels was formed in 2002, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Francisco-based Gravity4 Inc.

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