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Pixels launches MONA, Hong Kong’s mobile-first native advertising solution

MONA (Mobile Native) builds on the growing consumer usage of mobile Internet and effectiveness of native advertising on small screens.

Hong Kong – 11 October 2016 – Pixels, the multi-screen advertising company today announced that it has officially launched Hong Kong’s first mobile native lead advertising solution. Mobile native advertising allows advertisers to access the growing pool of consumers accessing the Internet on mobile devices while ensuring that their brand message blends seamlessly with publisher content to ensure a better advertising experience and increase the advertisements effectiveness.

According to Pixels’ internal data, currently over 65% of users on its ad marketplace accesses content via a mobile devices eclipsing desktop traffic. Access to information via mobile has grown substantially over the past 12 months, just less than a year ago mobile access was less than 45%.

According to OFTA***, Hong Kong enjoys one of the highest mobile penetration rates in Asia with over 228% mobile subscriptions and over 88% smartphone penetration using a 3G/4G connection. Digital advertising is also expected to be surpass television ad spending by 2020 according to PwC’s global entertainment and media outlook 2016-2020**. Further more, the report predicts that Hong Kong’s Internet advertising market is expected to reach US$1.07 billion by 2020 with mobile advertising taking a significant portion of total ad budgets.

MONA (Mobile Native) is a form of paid advertising presented on mobile across the Pixels Mobile Ad Marketplace where the ad format follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed.

MONA is now available in-app and on mobile web on the Pixels Ad Marketplace on over 130 mobile partners and enjoys a mobile reach of over 99.8% across all smart devices (smartphones and tablets) in Hong Kong with an unprecedented 100% reach on iOS and Android covering over 4.695 million unique visitors monthly*.

MONA (Mobile Native) ads can be placed on a Run of Marketplace basis covering all 130 mobile partners or on a highly targeted basis based on 9 content and demographic channels that include Parenting, Travel, News, Finance, Entertainment, Women and more. Major partners include, Mingpao, AM730, ePrice, RingHK, Fan Piece and more.

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels said, “As mobile becomes entrenched in our daily lives, advertisers are looking for increasingly effective and better mouse traps when advertising on a screen no larger than 5 inches. MONA is a natural extension to our existing, highly successful display rich media suite. MONA is non-intrusive, targeted and relevant to consumers in the context of the content and on a screen where users spend as much as 65% of their media consumption time.”

“In our early test campaigns, MONA showed results that are higher than standard display ads as it commands higher user attention and presented in highly relevant ad formats”, he adds.

“We look forward to working with advertisers to drive further customer success and are currently expanding the mobile native opportunity to include a wider range of partners and make available greater targeting options such as cross-device re-targeting, personalization, location and more”

Advertisers that have already signed on to use MONA include HSBC, Hang Seng Bank, Prime Credit and the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority (MPFA).

About Pixels
Pixels is Asia’s leading multi-screen advertising technology company enabling advertisers and brands to reach their customers and marketing objectives online and on mobile. Pixels emphasizes the use of technology coupled with human intelligence to deliver results. Our solutions include Brand Advertising and Programmatic Solutions across Mobile, Video, Desktop.

Pixels is the receipient of multiple industry awards including Best Mobile Advertising Team (Gold) and Best Mobile Advertising Platform (Gold) at Marketing Magazine’s Mobile Excellence (Mob-EX) Awards 2016.

Pixels was formed in 2002, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Francisco-based Gravity4 Inc.

About Gravity4
Gravity4 delivers the world’s first high frequency marketing cloud that dramatically boosts digital marketing ROI across web, mobile, video, and social channels. Automation, simplicity, and design are the fundamental ingredients behind all the applications and solutions in the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.

From day one, the Company’s goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the essential components behind it. Gravity4 offers a full suite of enterprise applications to aggregate social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search, and location data in real time for free. This offering allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all digital consumer touch-points.

Gravity4 is a global software-advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in the US, Bermuda, Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Finland. For more information, visit .


*comScore Mobile Metrix Hong Kong September 2016