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Pixels named Hong Kong’s Best Mobile Advertising Team and Best Mobile Advertising Platform at Mob-Ex 2016

Industry recognition affirms the company’s commitment towards building an innovative and sustainable ad supported mobile eco-system.

Hong Kong – 22 February 2016Pixels, the multi-screen advertising company / Gravity4 is pleased to announce that it has won a total of five awards at The Mob-Ex Awards 2016 including two Gold Awards in the highly-coveted Best Mobile Advertising Team and Best Mobile Advertising Platform categories respectively.

Organized by Marketing Magazine, The Mob-Ex Awards is Hong Kong’s premier event celebrating mobile marketing excellence. Focusing on innovative and effective campaigns, apps and related mobile marketing projects, the Mob-Ex Awards recognizes leadership in the arena of mobile marketing

Pixels was recognized for its excellence in mobile advertising and was conferred awards in the following categories:

  1. Gold: Best Mobile Advertising Team: Team Pixels
  2. Gold: Best Mobile Advertising Platform: : Pixels’ Premium Mobile Ad Marketplace & Mobile HTML5 Rich Media Suite
  3. Bronze: Best Original Content: Wyeth Illuma’s Music Channel on Spotify
  4. Bronze: Best Use of Rich Media: Levis’ Cool Jeans using HTML5 Real Time Weather Rich Media format
  5. Bronze: Most Innovative Use of Mobile: Levis’ Cool Jeans using HTML5 Real Time Weather Rich Media format

The Pixels’ Premium Mobile Ad Marketplace consists of ad inventory curated from a collection of 60+ premium mobile app and mobile site publishers. It is the first mobile ad entity in Hong Kong to have its reach data audited and reported by comScore. The December 2015 comScore Mobile Metrix data for Hong Kong reports the Pixels’ Premium Mobile Ad Marketplace as reaching a total of 3.446 million mobile users. With a reach of 76.5% of the total smartphone user population, the Pixels’ Premium Mobile Ad Marketplace is one of the largest mobile ad entities in Hong Kong

The Pixels HTML5 Mobile Rich Media suite encompasses a growing set of 20 mobile rich media ad modules developed using HTML5 technology that utilize the native mobile functions and features available on modern smartphones such as the touch screen, gyroscope, camera, voice, maps, geolocation and more. These enable greater interaction and engagement between advertisers and consumers. Since the launch of the Mobile Rich Media suite in 2014, Pixels has served over 2,000 mobile rich media campaigns including many award winners such as Levis’, L’Occitane, Puma, and Ocean Park.

Commenting on the awards, Pixels CEO, Kevin Huang said, “We are thrilled to be recognized as being the best at what we do in the mobile advertising industry. These awards recognize our hard work and commitment to being a part of a robust mobile advertising ecosystem. As the market leader in this space, we will strive to play a bigger role in helping the mobile ad industry grow beyond its current state and to help it reach its full potential.”

He adds, ” Mobile advertising in Hong Kong is on the cusp of a major boom as Hong Kong has one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the world at 230% with users spending over 1.5 million minutes each month surfing the internet on smartphones

Advertisers are increasingly looking for innovative ideas that deliver marketing and business results. This includes usage of interactive mobile ads, such as our award winning HTML5 Mobile Rich Media Suite, as well as custom sponsorship solutions.”

“We are grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with our clients, Levis’ for their Cool Jeans campaign which utilizes our HTML5 Real Time Weather module and Wyeth Nutrition’s Illuma for their campaign on Spotify that caters to the needs of children using the power of music.” said Huang. Spotify is represented exclusively by Pixels for advertising and sponsorship sales in Hong Kong.

Alexandra Lo, Senior Digital Manager of Wyeth Nutrition said, ” The Illuma Sound of Talent campaign on Spotify is as an industry-first in Asia where we worked together with Pixels to develop and launch a curated set of playlists for children, sponsored by Illuma and presented on Spotify Hong Kong. We are delighted that it has been well received by parents all over Hong Kong and the world. We are equally delighted to have been recognized by our industry peers and winning an award in the Best Original Content category at Mob-Ex 2016″.

About Pixels, the multi-screen advertising company
Pixels is a multi-screen advertising screen company, providing solutions to advertisers to reach audiences across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV. Our solutions are built for brands with leading ad products to meet brand-marketing objectives. Gravity4 Inc, the world’s first high frequency could marketing company acquired Pixels in November 2015 to establish its presence in Asia.

About Gravity4
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