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Pixels redefines Programmatic Advertising in Asia

Launch of its programmatic advertising solutions aims to humanize ad tech and bring focus back on client success

Hong Kong – 28 April 2016 – Pixels, the multi-screen advertising company and a Gravity4 Inc. company, today announced the launch of its Programmatic Advertising Solutions, giving back to advertisers control of their programmatic advertising buys and ability to refocus on campaign success

Powered by Gravity4, the new Pixels Programmatic Advertising Solutions gives advertisers the transparency of audited media placements they desire, the brand safety required, the highly curated local and global multi-screen ad inventory, and first and third party audience data deployed using standard and rich media formats across desktop, mobile and video. The solutions also include advanced targeting and optimization technology and the support from a team of highly trained and experienced digital advertising professionals.

“In Asia, consumers spend time on multiple screens throughout their day, with the average consumer spending about 4 hours each day watching videos on their smartphones, tablets, desktop, and connected TV — more than the global average of 3 hours per day [1],” said Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels. “The unique customer insights embedded in Pixels’ Programmatic Advertising Solutions enables advertisers to reach them on the right screen at the right time with relevant messages. The precise reach ensures ads will capture the attention of customers, turn advertising into useful and relevant information

With Pixels’ Programmatic Advertising Solutions, advertisers will be able to reach users based on demographics and behaviors of their target customers using Pixels’ proprietary first party data, as well as third party data. The program will automatically identify the right audiences based on the advertiser’s criteria through the Pixels Ad Marketplace – a private ad marketplace which lists over 500 premium local websites and mobile apps curated by Pixels – and across the globe with Pixels Open Exchange.

Pixels Ad Marketplace is a localised and transparent service that gives advertisers access to Pixels’ exclusive inventory of premium websites and mobile apps most frequented by Hongkongers and Asians. These websites and mobile apps are audited by third parties to ensure transparent traffic information and brand safety, and the list of websites is made known to advertisers when they sign up for the service.

Pixels Ad Marketplace reaches 97% of smartphone users, 81% of all desktop users, over 881,000 video users and is ranked top 2 in each category in Hong Kong[2], making it one of the top entities to reach audiences in the city across multiple screens using a large variety of standard and rich media ad formats.

By utilizing Pixels’ first party audience behavior and intent data, advertisers can reach customers by specific traits such as interest, demographic, behavior, location, time, day, and across over 20 content channels. The system’s advanced delivery and optizimation engine combined with a team of trained optimizers helps advertisers achieve their marketing goals.

Pixels Open Exchange gives advertisers access to global inventory of more than 100 ad exchanges from around the globe. The system utilizes third party data to help advertisers pinpoint and engage customers of specific traits, and encourage them to take the desired actions.

While leveraging technology, Pixels’ focus on client success is also centered around the human touch which is often neglected by others. With a team of digital marketing professionals and campaign optimizers, who average more than 10 years of experience in Asia, Pixels provide the local market insights and recommendations required for client success. By consistently measuring the effectiveness of advertisers’ marketing campaign, Pixels’ professionals assist them in optimizing their tactics to efficiently reach desired customers with desired outcomes.

“In Hong Kong alone, 72% of advertisers are planning to increase their online ad spend in 2016, and the industry expects digital to account for 41% of all advertising budgets this year[3]. The similar sentiment is felt throughout Asia and around the world,” Mr. Huang continued. “Given the rapid shifting of budgets into digital advertising platforms, I predict that by 2020, digital ad spend will surpass offline ad expenditures in Asia.”

“Given the high peneration of smartphones in Asia, it is clear that mobile is the growth catalyst for digital advertising. I believe that advertisers have largely under invested in digital, but that attitude is changing and advertisers are increasing their investments in mobile advertising,” Mr. Huang added.

About Pixels
Pixels is Asia’s leading multi-screen advertising technology company enabling advertisers and brands to reach their customers and marketing objectives online and on mobile. Pixels emphasizes the use of technology coupled with human intelligence to deliver results. Our solutions include Brand Advertising and Programmatic Solutions across Mobile, Video, Desktop.

Pixels is the receipient of multiple industry awards including Best Mobile Advertising Team (Gold) and Best Mobile Advertising Platform (Gold) at Marketing Magazine’s Mobile Excellence (Mob-EX) Awards 2016.

Pixels was formed in 2002, with its headquarters in Hong Kong and offices in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Shanghai and Taipei, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of San Francisco-based Gravity4 Inc.

About Gravity4
Gravity4 delivers the world’s first high frequency marketing cloud that dramatically boosts digital marketing ROI across web, mobile, video, and social channels. Automation, simplicity, and design are the fundamental ingredients behind all the applications and solutions in the Gravity4 Marketing Cloud.

From day one, the Company’s goal has been to simplify marketing by humanizing the essential components behind it. Gravity4 offers a full suite of enterprise applications to aggregate social, web, email, mobile, CRM, search, and location data in real time for free. This offering allows marketers to save millions of dollars annually and enhance automation across all digital consumer touch-points.

Gravity4 is a global software-advertising company headquartered in San Francisco, CA with offices in the US, Bermuda, Ireland, Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Canada, Australia, Columbia, Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Finland. For more information, visit .


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