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Pixels updates mobile ad offerings with new HTML5 mobile rich media ad formats and launches mobile ad network

Hong Kong – 26 October 2015 – Pixels, the multi-screen advertising company today announced that it has updated its mobile ad offerings to include a refreshed line up of its mobile HTML5 ad formats, RM5 (Rich Media 5), to include three new in-app ad formats and concurrently announced the launch of its mobile ad network.

Globally and in Hong Kong, advertisers are rapidly adopting mobile advertising and the sector is experiencing a period of high growth. In the US, according to the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau)’s Q2, 2015 ad spend report, mobile advertising revenue climbed to US$8.2 billion for the first half of 2015, an increase of 54% from the year before. In Hong Kong, mobile advertising accounts for 3% of adex but is growing rapidly. According to ad monitoring firm AdMango, mobile ad spends grew 69% in Q2, 2015 lead by advertisers in cosmetic and skincare who doubled ad spends from a year ago.

Kevin Huang, CEO of Pixels said, “The introduction of a refreshed line of new mobile ad products and offerings reinforces our market leading position as the go to partner for digital advertising innovation and strengthens our mobile and multi-screen ad offerings to meet advertiser’s demands leading into 2016. We expect to see a surge in demand from advertisers who will shift even greater share of their ad budgets on digital, with mobile being the center of their advertising activities.”

The three new HTML5 in-app ad formats introduced today include:

  • ActiVoice: a breakthrough, innovative and first-in-market mobile advertising format that uses natural human speech to enable commands and actions by users. Currently available on Android devices only, the ad format enables advertisers to build upon a new creative palate and use natural consumer engagement via voice on smartphones (video demo here:
  • VRical: enables advertisers to showcase their product through the use of 360-degree panoramic photos. The 360-degree spherical panoramic view is similar to being in the center of a Virtual Reality simulation and is interactive with the inclusion of tap functionality and more.
  • Real Time Weather: brings to advertisers the ability to optimize and display a variety of ad formats based on the current temperature, UV Index and weather condition

Developed in-house using HTML5 technology, these ad formats are part of Pixels’ award winning HTML5 Mobile Rich Media suite, known as “RM5” (Rich Media 5). These three new updates increase the number of RM5 ad formats to a total of 19. All RM5 ad formats are based on modules and templates and continue to be offered to clients at $0 production cost with a fast production turn-around time of approximately five working days or less.

All RM5 ad formats are available on market-leading apps represented by Pixels such as Mingpao News, News, Finance and Soccer, Qian Xun Ying Shi (千尋影視), DayDayCook, The Stand News, Post852, WhatsCap, Cityline and Broadway Ticketing, with more to apps come on board soon.

“Since the introduction of our RM5 HTML5 suite two years ago, we have launched hundreds of campaigns for brands that utilize HTML5 and native phone functions. These include among them, our award winning “Selfie” ad. Our goal with HTML5 mobile rich media ads have always been to tap on native phone functions, making the ad as engaging and as natural as possible to end users”, Huang said.

“When it came time to develop a new set of mobile creative modules, it came naturally to us that speech, weather and panoramic view should be it. It is a phone after all, and users have naturally performed these actions on their phones at one time or another. We are proud to announce that ActiVoice and VRical ads are a first-in-market and have never been executed in Asia before.”

Concurrently, Pixels announced that it has launched the Pixels Mobile Ad Network, adding to its offering to advertisers in addition to premium guaranteed ad placements with app specific buys.

Pixels Mobile Ad Network offers the same value proposition of its display (desktop) ad network with reach, efficiency, simplicity and transparency to brands. To ensure client’s objectives are met, ad campaigns are constantly optimized by ad formats and channels. Pixels Mobile Ad Network consists of inventory from over 50 top tier mobile apps and sites.

The mobile ad network is segmented into nine content and demographic channels such as News, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Parenting, Travel, Youth and more.

Advertisers are able to deploy a variety of targeting features including by content and demographic channels, operating systems, device types, handset manufacturers and carriers / telcos.

Based on internal data, the Pixels Mobile Ad Network generated a total of 230 million page views in August 2015 with 60% of its user base on Android platforms and 40% on iOS. The mobile ad network reached 1.333 million users on iPhone, 2.381 million users on Android phones, 346,000 users on iPad and 131,000 users on Android tablets, potentially ranking it as one of the top ad properties to reach users on mobile in Hong Kong.

The Pixels Mobile Ad Network is audited by comScore using Mobile Metrix with its monthly data made public to all users starting with October 2015 data.

“We see the launch of our mobile ad network as a strong complement to our premium guaranteed app specific offering. As mobile consumption continues to grow in Hong Kong, advertisers are already seeking more ways to reach their audience. The Pixels Mobile Ad Network offers one of the, if not the strongest value proposition to brands in Hong Kong with brand safety and transparency safe guards in mind”, said Kevin Huang.

Karen Thong, Head of Digital at PHD Hong Kong said “Mobile advertising in Hong Kong is growing rapidly on the back of rapid consumer adoption. Major brands have taken notice and are now investing more into mobile ads. At PHD, we have been advocating to brands the value of mobile and how to measure its success. Undoubtedly, user engagement and taking advantage of native phone functions is one of the key measures of success. Pixels’ suite of mobile rich media ads including VRical, Activoice and Real Time Weather fits the bill.”

To view the new HTML5 mobile ad formats on your smartphone, please download the Pixels RM5 showcase app on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For a video demo of ActiVoice, please visit YouTube.

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