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PIXELS urges enterprises to diversify digital advertising

Extending reach across all screens is the key to marketing success; according to Hong Kong-based multi screen advertising pioneer PIXELS

Hong Kong – 14 October 2014 – While analysts are predicting that 41 per cent of local marketers are planning to increase their advertising spending in 2014 compared to 31 per cent in 20131, Hong Kong-based PIXELS Limited (“PIXELS”) believes it will be a record year for a different reason.

According to Kevin Huang, CEO of PIXELS, the multi screen-advertising firm, which focuses on digital advertising solutions, in 2015 more ad dollars will shift to digital channels. The companies that will benefit most will be those that adapt quickly enough to the rapid fragmentation of communications channels driven by the digital media revolution and mobile technology.

“It is clear that digital platforms have become the main source of information for Hong Kong consumers with mobile devices becoming the primary way people get their information. This is especially true among teenagers and working professionals, who are increasingly forming their world view based on what they see on their screens and receive via apps,” said the CEO.

“In addition, the mobile revolution and the ubiquity of wireless broadband have blurred the lines between channels such as TV, desktop, phones, and tablets even further. Consumers are constantly jumping from one screen to the other. This will only increase as the emerging category of wearable computing goes mainstream, making the consequences of an incorrect advertising decision even more painful.”

Recently PIXELS significantly restructured and rebranded its operation to embrace and exploit this new market reality. In order to offer customers a more integrated approach, it has merged the three businesses, Pixel Media, Adsfactor and Snap Mobile, which used to comprise the Pixel Media Group, into a single entity capable of delivering across all platforms and ad solutions

PIXELS’ advertising solutions include display and in-stream video across web, mobile and connected TV, targeted advertising and branded and custom content that helps advertisers deliver brand advertising that meets their marketing objectives.

“The reality is that advertisers are now placing increasing importance on digital advertising. The challenge they face is how to reach consumers in an increasingly fragmented digital landscape where people use an average of four different screens throughout the day for work and leisure” said Huang.

“We see an opportunity to help advertisers with this immediate and pressing need to identify and deploy digital and multi-screen advertising solutions.Consolidating the Group’s brands and simplifying our offering made sense. It signals the next step in the journey to offer customers even more depth and breadth in terms of our solutions set. It is our continued commitment to ensure we are part of the client’s success in the era of marketing in a digital world,” said Huang.

The timing is good. According the most recent Global Web Index (GWI) marketing report on Hong Kong released in Q1 2104, the city is ahead of the global average when it comes to mobile Internet use (71% vs. 66%). More compelling is the finding that the Hong Kong is a hotbed of second screeners, with 86% of respondents using an additional device while watching television.

“While globally, laptops are the most popular second screen, the GWI research shows that Hong Kong is different. Here, mobiles are the favorite choice, especially among 16-to-24 year olds where 54% use their phones while watching video,” said Huang.

Huang believes that the only way to reach audiences in this increasingly anarchic digital media landscape is to adopt a multi-screen, multi-channel approach.

“For example, Apple recently introduced Continuity, which makes it possible for someone to start reading, watching or listening to something on one device, but finish it on another. That’s an extremely powerful development that demonstrates that users are increasingly multi-tasking on multiple screens. Our product solutions and latest restructuring allows advertisers to actively reach users by pushing content across multiple screens rather waiting passively for them to find it. It makes marketing personal, as well as eliminating waste and maximising R.O.I.,” he said.

1 Advertising Spending Projection 2014 by The Hong Kong Advertisers Association and Nielsen

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PIXELS is a multi-screen advertising screen company, providing solutions to advertisers to reach audiences across desktop, mobile, tablet, and connected TV. Our solutions are built for brands with leading ad products to meet brandmarketing objectives.

PIXELS is headquartered in Hong Kong with offices in Shanghai, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur and was formed as a merger of Pixel Media, Snap Mobile and Adsfactor in October 2014. For more information, visit

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