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When you hear A.I. – more than likely it’s been built on PowerPoint rather than code

But, we’re here to simplify things for you. In the world of data, the most common use case for A.I. is what we call Rapid Pattern Identification.

In the next 10 years, almost every business will be reinvented. Data will be the fuel and A.I. it’s engine.

Let’s Get Started

Machine Learning

Machine learning is used to identify patterns in data and learn higher order connections between information that can provide insight into whether a given piece of data fits an existing pattern or is an outlier and doesn’t fit. The primary objective of this pattern is to find which one of the things is like the other and which is not. This is what we refer to as Rapid Pattern Identification.

Big Data

Big Data is used extensively to find anomalies in data and indicate what looks out of the ordinary. Example use cases include, discovering patterns among data and surfacing insights, automatic error detection or correction, intelligent monitoring, finding hidden groups of data, finding best matches to given data, predictive text, and similar applications. For decades this has been notoriously cumbersome to work with. Our software streamlines the machine learning process even further, by creating an intuitive interface to focus on the useable data.

Personalized Messaging

Personalized Messaging to target an ideal customer efficiently and effectively. Increased processing speed has enabled self-training of the machine learning algorithms to bring the most effective targeted brand messaging the world has ever seen.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning enables serial processing to parallel processing seamlessly. The primary objective of this pattern is to have A.I. identify and understand things within otherwise unstructured data.

Leverage the global programmatic marketplace for efficiency using machine learning to target audiences across devices.

Artificial Intelligence

As connected devices proliferate and voice activated gadgets become ubiquitous across the globe, let the A.I. engine manage, create & buy meaningful audience clusters.


Create hyper-personalized messaging through seamless integration. Utilize AI technology to apply semantical metadata to media assets automatically, eliminating the need for exhaustive manual tag curation.

What Does The RedLotus Process Look Like?

Our intuitive interface brings the power of a full enterprise technology platform to your fingertips.

Rapid Pattern Indentification