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Unlock the power of social data by targeting prospects that engage with your content. Our URL shorteners comes with vanity domain capabilities, rich engagement analytics and integrated with our data management platform.

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Audience Discovery


Uncover new and untapped audiences with links


Create awareness for your content and brand.


Do it all in style with custom vanity URLs.


Audience Segmentation and Targeting.

Vanity Domains For Personalization

  • Custom Keyword Short Links
  • Brand your content, messaging, and cross-channel campaigns
  • Increase clicks, and deliver clear messaging
  • Auto-Branding of Shortened Links
  • Bulk Link Shortening via XML/CSV
  • Drive engagement, boost CTR, and maximize performance


  • Target your prospects that click your vanity links in any country as well as any device
  • Retarget your prospects through the RedLotus DSP and extend it across social networks.

Real Time Tracking & Analytics

  • Aggregate valuable insights behind shares.
  • See real-time link metrics, discover your audience, and capture leads.
  • Understand your social engagement, and get insight into your digital marketing strategy.

Boost your Presence and Traffic…For Free

Whether you’re just beginning your digital marketing efforts or have a thorough and multifaceted marketing strategy, has all the features you need to understand and activate your current followers and create new audiences. And, you can do it all for free. Bitly LinkFire smartURL
Media Distribution
Media Distribution Audience
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Vanity URLs
Vanity URLs tick tick tick tick  
Customizable Links
Customizable Links tick tick tick tick  
Auto-Branding of Shortened Links
Auto-Branding of Shortened Links tick tick      
Link and Click Trends
Link and Click Trends tick        
Real Time Analytics
Real Time Analytics tick tick   tick  
Exportable Data
Exportable Data tick tick   tick tick
iOS and Android App
iOS and Android App tick        
DMP/DSP Pixel tick       tick
Mobile Deep App Linking
Mobile Deep App Linking tick tick tick    
Bulk Link Shortening via XML/CSV
Bulk Link Shortening via XML/CSV tick        

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