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Data Management Platform

For ad agencies, brands, and publishers to create rich, custom data sets and more effectively target users across their online media.

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DMP Overview

Our DMP is a cloud-based platform that accumulates, segments, and organizes user data from various sources in one place in order to let brands personalize their communication with customers and facilitate quick wins of their business goals. Collect your own first-party data from CRM, websites, apps, search networks, and other channels, providing a single holistic view on your customer base. Access to information of this kind significantly increases accuracy of targeted audiences since ads are delivered to the customers at the right time, screen, and context. Your first-party data is the most valuable marketing asset and the DMP is the centralize platform that makes it work for you. What’s the main benefits? First-party data is unique data that belongs to your brand. It’s not shared with anyone else. As the data owner, you know exactly where it came from, and you save a great share of money as you don’t have to purchase it or rely on third-party data. Our DMP lets you store, process, and act on your user data effectively everywhere you are in the number of ways:
  • Segment your audience by examining and collecting relevant data on it
  • Hyper target your audiences to achieve your business goals
  • Integrate 3rd party data and obtain 360° view on your customer base
  • Optimize advertising budget costs to improve ROI and more
  • Enable our AI to create powerful predictive models using your first-party data sets
  • Improve conversion and engagement by creating hyper-targeted advertising campaigns

How It Works?

Our DMP provides detailed information about the consumer, using programmatic software allows targeting more precise. The level of ad delivery precision increases and conversion rates, user engagement, and ROI grow. All that you have to do is to set specific characteristics of your audience, let the platform find your perfect users and serve them ads through a DSP (based on your business goals).

Aggregate Data Sources


Integrate Data Sources


Deploy Actionable Insights


img Safe and secure for user data storage
img AI and ML-powered, intelligent by design
img Easy to adjust, customize, and implement
img Universally integrated with various channels

Key Benefits of our DMP in the Cloud

Data unification

Aggregate first, second, and third-party data across channels and ingest them into one easy-to-use platform.

Customer insights

Visualize your data beautifully to allows you to find new strategies that can help accelerate your business goals.


Enrich your first-party data by integrating second and third-party data from external sources to make targeting even more proficient.


Use all types of user data to personalize your advertising and channel it to the highly interested, motivated customers who convert better.


Define devices and time of the day when your users are most active and serve your targeted ads accordingly to generate better results.


Fine-tune frequency capping on your demand-side platform in order to save money on excessive ad impressions that lower ad campaign effectiveness.

Why Us

The RedLotus unified stack includes a SSP, DSP, DMP, and DCO designed to make your advertising efficient, engaging, and profitable. Apart from in-depth audience segmentation and targeting, the AI and ML algorithms of RedLotus’ DMP enable expanding your existing customer base via sophisticated predictive modeling. Foster intelligent omni-channel communications with your customers and maximize the value of every ad impression you serve today!