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Humanizing Digital Marketing

  • Our premier marketplace is by invitation only with inventory from premium partners and localized to meet each market’s needs.
  • Fully transparent with full site list made available to all advertisers.
  • Reach your audience efficiently through 1st, 2nd, and third party data.
  • Target by: channels, demographics, behavioral, geo (IP), day-part, frequency capping, operating system, and 75 other data sets for sophisticated audience targeting.

Brand Solutions

Achieve your brand marketing objectives and reach your customers with our brand solutions include Video Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Desktop Advertising and Multi-screen & Brand Experience Solutions

Video Advertising

Reach your audience with sight, sound and motion. Our in-stream video product features 15, 30 and 60 second linear and interactive video ad formats run across desktop, mobile, tablet and connected TV.

Desktop Advertising

Build awareness by displaying your ads on premium websites. Exclusively presenting 20+ premium and category leading websites, we offer site by site placements with guaranteed time based and CPM placements.

Multi-screen and Brand Experience

We can help advertisers create content that natively include an advertiser’s product/message into the site’s existing content or produce a Live! Event for advertisers for users to experience your product
Advertorial and Sponsored Channels : – Create advertorials to promote your product and services with native placements within a site’s content or sponsor a channel on a site/app that aligns with your brand message
Live Events : –Building on the strong community and loyal readers of each of our partners, we help advertisers produce and manage events to brands to meet their customers through exciting events.
Product Placements :- Include your product natively as part of the site’s content

Mobile Advertising

Reach your customers while they are on the go. We are exclusive sales representative of 20+ premium, category leading mobile properties, with our extensive ad formats in standard display and over 20 modules of mobile HTML5.

Sms & Targeting
  • SMS Database
  • SMS/MMS from HK’s largest telco, 3. with over 2 million subscribers
  • Target by: Age, Gender, Content Interests
  • Location Based Targeting and In-Bound Traveler also available
Advanced Targeting
  • Mobile: device, IP, location, OS, time, iBeacon

Streaming Audio Advertising Solution

Through our partnership with the world’s largest streaming music service, Spotify, we are able to offer streaming audio and more to an engaged audience who spend an average of 200 minutes per day on the platform

Rich Media Ad Units

Powerfully engaging, full screen, interactive mobile interstitials powered by HTML5. The simple standardized RM5 templates allow brands to create engaging, interactive mobile ads delivered straight to their users smartphones.
Video : – Turn your linear videos into an engaging and immersive video experience.
HTML5 mobile formats : – Download our RM5 Showcase App for Android and iOS.
Desktop :- Contact us today for case studies of how brands used our DCO solution for desktop advertising.

Programmatic Solutions

Leverage first and third party audience data to reach your audiences programmatically on the RedLotus Ad Marketplace (Private Marketplace) or Open Exchange.

RedLotus Ad Marketplace

In Hong Kong, our Ad Marketplace reaches 100% Internet users and is ranked the top by comScore Media Metrix. With over 400 premium and major inventory partners, our ad marketplace features content and audience targeting options with first party data layers. Campaigns are always optimized to reach your objectives with our robust optimization technology.
Native Ad Solutions
  • EVA is our Embedded Video in Article which expands an in-feed video player in the between page content
  • LISA is our Listing Scroller Ad that appears between content when scrolling, fixed in the screen position with high visibility
  • MONA is our Mobile Native Ad that matches the style and visual design of an app/site
  • These ads behave consistently with the native user experience
  • High Ad Viewability, less clutter, higher user engagement
  • Our Native Ad Solutions are available on the RedLotus Ad Marketplace across iOS, Android and Mobile Web
Rich Media Ad Units
  • Video:- Turn your linear videos into an engaging and immersive video experience. Experience them now.
  • HTML5 mobile formats:- Download our RM5 Showcase App for Android and iOS.
  • Desktop:- Contact us today to learn how we bring an immersive advertising experience with our DCO technology into Desktop advertising.

Open Exchange

Our Open Exchange solution connects to 100+ Ad Exchanges reaching your audience locally and globally. You can target your audience with minimized wastage while enjoy effective campaign management and optimization.

Audience Targeting

With 75+ data points on each user, RedLotus’s differentiated audience gives you the confidence that you can target precisely the people you need.
Audience Targeting
  • Deliver ads to users who have visited your website in the last 30 days
  • Convert known prospects from browsers to customers
  • Uplift ROI by 60%+
Audience Targeting with Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)
  • Accurate cross device Audience Targeting
  • Real-time dynamic banner creation and recommendation
  • Tailor-made banner design according in your look & feel