Introducing NeuralBank™ with InfluenceGraph™ Automate, Unlock and Leverage Data
with Rapid Pattern Identification


Automate your Business with our Patented Technology

As the growth of online usage surges, the explosion of new signals is causing customer data to become more disparate. The need to integrate, understand and utilize customer data in real-time becomes essential as the move toward privacy and user-consent becomes mandatory. A.I. and User-Consent will force the disruption of the entire $128 billion global programmatic market.

Aggregate, Organize and Automate your Data across every touchpoint and create persistent customer data that evolves for you as your customers do. From marketing to analytics to customer support, RedLotus empowers your business to execute on your KPIs independently while understanding the customer holistically. Data is the fuel and A.I. it’s engine.

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Enterprise Solutions for Carriers

The ideal customer data platform for modern day telcos that want to maximize new revenue potential while increasing customer acquisition and customer retention. Provides a seamless way for carriers to create digital audiences and new data monetization opportunities.

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Unlocking Your Data Through InfluenceGraph™

Data is the new king. Free your data from social walled gardens and build your audience with InfluenceGraph™. Every engagement builds a unique graph that enables you to recognize the true intent of your audience. PageRank for Influence is here.

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Drive Outcomes that Matter

with RM5 Studio Allow Creative Messaging to be automated through persistent data. Drive your business objectives across the entire marketing funnel. Whether you are focussed on driving brand experience, prospecting, customer acquisition or retention, our Advertising Cloud will help you come out on top.
  • Branding
  • Performance
  • Audiences

Deliver Powerful Experiences that Inspire Audiences

Convert mobile moments into opportunities with one of the world’s largest in-app video inventories. Drive consideration and conversion by reaching the exact audience you want at the precise moment that matters.

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Tap into the World’s Leading Mobile Video Advertising Platform

Tell your brand story with buffer-free, high quality mobile video ads. With one of the world’s largest in-app video inventory and innovative, mobile-first ad formats, RedLotus’ video solutions provide scale and performance for your campaign.

Reach more than 2 billion mobile users across more than 30,000 mobile apps. With 75+ data points on each user, RedLotus’ differentiated audience gives you the confidence that you can target precisely the people you need.

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Be at Ease with a Trusted Partner

With industry leading metrics for viewability, brand safety, predictive fraud detection, ad placement, RedLotus ensures complete assurance for brands and enterprises. See how our A.I. helps you win.

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