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Enterprise Cloud for Telcos

Centralize, Activate, and Monetize network-level data

RedLotus offers an integrated Customer Data Platform (CDP) to unlock new revenue paths for carriers. From on-device placements and ad delivery platforms to harnessing the power of carrier data, we offer a variety of solutions to drive engagement, enhance the user experience, and maximize new revenue streams.

We amplify your telco data with third-party consumer insights and new prospects, extending your reach beyond current customers. You can project your own customer data onto prospects via predictive modeling to build high-performing segments for media execution, personalization and analytics. And, as a result achieve growth in net-new customer acquisition, fulfilled customer experiences, upsell/cross-sell opportunities, and growth in customer retention.

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Monetize your Data


As experts in big data, RedLotus offers an industry-leading customer data platform with extensive data science capabilities. Providing growth opportunities to carriers by turning data into actionable insights that enhance customer experience while generating new revenue streams. Leverage our on-device performance products to create exclusive digital audiences and build persistent audience segments from your data to uncover new opportunities in a $300 billion industry.

Create your own identity-powered Customer Data Platform by activating your audiences and become an industry alternative to Google, Facebook and Amazon.

On Device Monetization


Top Apps

Our suite of app discovery products offer creative, customizable solutions to enhance the on-device experience for users in-market and at device activation. These virtual preloads provide access to the latest trending content from major brands and app developers worldwide.

Push Notifications

Push custom content to capture users instantly, seamlessly. Floating notifications and branded content offer a new way for users to discover and install apps in a continuous, simple user flow.

Mobile Advertising

Reach Your Most Relevant Customers

Increase impressions and drive revenue with our mobile advertising delivery platform, engaging users with content relevant to them.