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04 November, 2019: RedLotus’ patented NeuralBank™ AI technology to redefine customer automation

The patented A.I. technology allows brands and enterprises to automate their businesses with rapid pattern identification and win more customers.

18 September, 2019: AI helps or hinders entrepreneurship? Gurbaksh Chahal debunks myths

The most persistent misconception, according to Chahal, is that AI will eliminate the impetus for technological innovation.

28 August, 2019: Opinion: The biggest threat to Google and Facebook – the human psychology

The author explains how humans have different behaviour patterns in the offline and online world

05 November, 2019: Gurbaksh Chahal reveals ways for boosting growth through marketing intelligence

With RedLotus, Chahal aims to completely revolutionize the digital marketing field.

30 July, 2019: The First of Many: Gurbaksh Chahal’s RedLotus Granted Its First Patent Approval

This patented AI-powered software is the brainchild of Gurbaksh Chahal, a well-known American-Indian internet entrepreneur from San Jose, California