Gurbaksh Chahal

Award-winning, four-time successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and motivational speaker, Gurbaksh Chahal is the Chair and CEO of ProcureNet, Medriva, and RedLotus. Since going after his dream to pursue success in the dot-com boom, throughout his 24-year career in the internet and technology industry, Chahal has generated over $400 million in exits from start-ups. He continues to feed a passion for starting and growing companies using cutting-edge technology to create opportunities for other entrepreneurs, businesses, and people across the globe. Chahal’s devotion to creating positive impacts extends to his work with The Chahal Foundation, a non-profit organization that he founded in 2012. Valuing the importance of giving back to society, Chahal is committed to raising awareness of key social issues, improving education in third world countries, providing university scholarships, and supporting worldwide disaster relief efforts.