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May 12, 2015

How to Keep a Steady Pulse on Social Media Marketing

A Note About Analytics

The devil is in the details. Your analytics tell the story about what’s happening when you share a link or content on any social media profile. There’s a difference in the types of analytics you monitor too. 80% of the content you share is copied and pasted when shared elsewhere. That means that you won’t know what’s happening unless you track dark social media and other content insights. To help you keep a steady pulse on these crucial analytics so that you never fall behind in your social media marketing, here are a few strategies to implement.

  1. Check your analytics daily.

Make it a habit to check your social analytics on a daily basis. The more you know about what’s happening every day on your social media channels, the easier it’ll be to notice trends in what’s driving engagement and what’s getting your readers excited.

Here’s what you should monitor each day:

  • Audience intelligence: Who’s sharing your content?
  • Dark social: How did your blog post or landing page get shared by people who copied and pasted your links, instead of hitting the share button?
  • Content subject matter: What type of content triggered the highest engagement from your audience?
  • Keywords: What keywords did your audience input to find your content?

Monitoring this daily is essential to staying agile on social media. The more you know about what’s working, the more you can focus your strategy in the right direction.

  1. Share analytics reports with key persons in your company.

You’re not alone in sorting through analytics and data. Other key players in your company should be kept in-the-know about what’s happening too.

Forward your daily reports, or send your own synopsis, to the key players in your firm. There are several benefits to doing this:

  • You have more eyeballs on your analytics, which means more insights about what’s happening and where you can improve.
  • You demonstrate the ROI of social media marketing, which isn’t always easy to do.
  • You make it easier to brainstorm about future product innovations by showing what your audience wants and doesn’t want.

  1. Dig into the social demographics.

It’s not enough to look at what’s being shared. You have to know who is sharing it. Audience insights are perhaps the most overlooked social media marketing analytic. Instead of focusing on the people doing the sharing, most marketers focus on the shares themselves. Look outward at the people who find your social content interesting. Learn about these people through unique audience insights. Then, target them with the type of products, information, and services they want from your business. You’ll boost sales and see your social media marketing pay off over time.

What Do You Track?

What type of information do you track daily? Do you have a plan to keep a pulse on your social media marketing? If you’re still in the dark about what’s really going on in the social media world, put software, like AddNow+, to work for your business. You’ll get deeper insights and better information to help you meet your goals.