Machine Learning & BlockChains: A Cutting Edge Innovation to Digital Advertising

Post contributed by: Product Management Team – Emerging Technologies Artificial intelligence (AI) is defined as intelligence that is portrayed by machines. AI enables machines to perform cognitive tasks that are typically done by humans. However, much of what we see in the sci-fi movies is what scientist have been exploring since the 1950s. No doubt, much innovation has happened wit

Mobile and Machine Learning

  In 2017, over 300 million smartphones will have on-board neural network machine-learning capability, according to a study by Deloitte. Machine Learning will power applications for “indoor navigation, image classification, augmented reality, speech recognition and language translation even where there is little or no cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, such as in remote areas, undergrou

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning

  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, big data are the buzz words and often are used interchangeably or incorrectly in the advertising ecosystem. Artificial intelligence is used where machine learning should be and machine learning is often confused with data mining. Machine learning is a method of developing algorithms for recognizing patterns within data. Da

Explaining Europe’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

  On 25 May 2018, ad tech will be need to be prepared for a different set of guidelines when it comes to the handling of data for EU citizens. The European GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), agreed in April of last year after four years of planning, to aim to bring new accountability obligations to both ‘handlers’ and ‘controllers’ of data. In the EU’s own wor

Path to forge with AI

Artificial Intelligence Wins Again As we continue to forge our path towards Artificial Intelligence becoming mainstream, it is important to reflect on the breakthrough discoveries along the way. Yesterday marks just that event for Data Science team – when AlphaGo, an AI, outmatched the Chinese Grandmaster Ke Jie in a chess match.

HongKong secures 100% Mobile Audience Reach!

  Mobile programmatic advertising is well positioned to take over across the globe. With each day the growing internet connections, machine learning and big data has enabled the growth in the mobile programmatic advertising sector. Just earlier this year, mobile traffic surpassed the desktop in many countries. As consumer preferences continue to favor mobile devices, to deliver the best &#

“Access people, not devices”

One Audience ID across all devices Cross-Platform targeting In a recent study by Yahoo and Ender Analysis, UK online ad spends will utilize Audience IDs in more than 2/3 of their campaign budgets by 2020. This budget increase is more than 28% than 2016. Furthermore, this projection comes despite the antici

Digital Adspend Overtakes TV in Taiwan and Hong Kong

  HALF OF APAC SMARTPHONE USERS NOW SHOPPING ON THEIR DEVICE Increased smartphone ownership is clearly having a massive impact on the way people across Asia Pacific shop and spend. This trends are reflecting on how brands are buying media on platform across APAC. Hong Kong team has seen a steady rise in mobile media buying efforts since the past year as well. This region is leading the t

Gearing up for the next Quantum Leap – The Artificial Intelligence

The Next Quantum Leap: We, at research & development lab, have been pushing forward the programmatic digital advertising and overlaying Machine Learning for predictive models. Machine Learning has been playing a critical role to help build accurate correlation models. It is being applied to various components of advertising platform for application for Artificial Intelligence. We look f

Advertising Revenue Growth In South East Asia

As per the recent estimations of eMarketer, digital ad spending throughout the world is expected to reach $200 billion in 2017, and this is expected to witness a double-digit growth by 2020! We, are excited to be part of this growth. South East Asia: eMarketer, in collaboration with IAB Singapore, also put forward the digital ad spending forecast for Singapore and South East Asia, and it is

How Google Changed the Rules of Display Advertising During the Super Bowl

Google made a major update to how it displayed advertisements just in time for the half-century anniversary of the Super Bowl. In late 2015, Google started beta testing their new Real-Time Ad product designed at serving advertisements in real-time. The goal was to give consumers advertisements as a response to major television moments, knocking Twitter and other social networks out of the top s

Why You Should Care About Facebook’s Attention to Virtual Reality and Mobile Apps

Cigars were lit late last year as Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla, welcomed their first child. Zuckerberg, who had been open about his family’s struggles with fertility, took two months of paternity leave, but that hasn’t meant a slow down in his company. Facebook has started 2016 with big plans. The tech giant (and the only social network in the$300 billion tech cl

Let’s Talk About Reach Efficiency in Mobile Marketing

  When analyzing your social media marketing, one of the key metrics you look at is reach. This metric shows you how many people saw your advertisement, post, or message. It tells you how many times your brand and advertisement were exposed to a select group of buyers, making it one of the most important metrics to monitor. Mobile marketing is no different. Many marketers foc

Is It Time for You to Shop for a New CRM?

  When you first bought your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution, you expected it to help your team get more sales. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. If you’re scratching your head wondering why your CRM isn’t helping your business, you might start browsing other solutions. What do they have that yours doesn’t? What are you missing? Is it time for a new on

Are You Finding the Right People for Your Influencer Marketing?

Ever wish you could get popular people to talk about your brand online? In the past, brands paid high dollars for celebrity endorsements. Many of the big companies still do. But for small businesses, there’s an easier way to get in front of the people who will spread the word about your unique business offering. It’s called, influencer marketing. Influencer marketing targets real people ins

Have You Updated Your Facebook Strategy After the Latest Algorithm Changes?

Scratching your head wondering why your organic reach on Facebook is down? You’re not alone. Facebook’s latest algorithm changes sucker punched business pages, dropping organic reach. The goal? To get more businesses paying their way into the newsfeeds of adoring audiences. What You Need to Know Love it or hate it, this new Facebook algorithm shift is in full swing. Here are the top three

Navigating the Complex Mobile Marketing Ecosystem

  Almost half of all Americans say they cannot live without their smartphone, according to Pew Research. Without question, mobile device usage has become the norm in today’s world. Everyone from pre-teens to great-grandmas reach for smartphones to stay connected with their peers and the world around them. It’s this hyper connectivity propelling the mobile marketing ecosystem for

How to Add a Little Personality to Your Sales Strategy

Does your sales strategy feel a little too robotic these days? Nothing turns a prospect off more than feeling like just another notch in a line of contacts. If you need to re-energize your sales strategy, it might be time to sprinkle in some personality. Infusing personality into a sales strategy brings your business to life. For many brands, it can be a little bit scary. What if your sales

Using Visual Content to Cut Through the Noise on Facebook

Did you know that photos on Facebook get 53% more likes? That’s according to a HubSpot study of B2B and B2C companies. Visual content is hotter than ever these days. So how do you add visuals to all of your posts so that you can drive that engagement? Turns out, incorporating pictures and imagery might not be as hard as you think. Here are a few ways you can use visual content to cut throu

How to Avoid Being Seen as a Spammer in Your Email Marketing

Spam. No one likes it, yet some email marketers unknowingly sound like it in promotional emails. Do you? Spammers are smart email marketers. These people know how to weasel their way into the hearts of unsuspecting readers to scam for money. This makes it harder for genuine, valuable businesses to get their messages heard among the noise – especially when your messages look and feel like spa

In-App Advertising Pros and Cons

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, it’s hard not to notice the recent uptick in mobile usage. More and more people rely on smartphones and tablets to conduct business, navigate the world, or keep a pulse on what’s happening in their lives. This growth isn’t set to stop any time soon. Research center, Yankee Group, predicts that mobile devices and mobile commerce sectors will grow,

Best Practices for CRM Management

  Does it feel like pulling teeth to get your employees to update your CRM? Are you using an outdated technology? Getting the most out of your CRM might feel like an uphill battle. You try to encourage your team to keep records up-to-date, but nothing seems to work. CRM management feels more like a chore than a business support system. So what can you do to get more out of your CRM?

How to Incorporate Your Podcast Into Other Marketing Channels

  If you pay attention to the marketing industry, you’ve undoubtedly noticed how much podcasting has taken off in the past few years. Marketers everywhere are flocking to this channel to generate brand awareness and increase customer engagement. One reason for the skyrocketing popularity is the behavior of podcast listeners. People who tune into podcasts consume an average of 5 ho

How to Safely Automate Your Social Media Channels

When you send an email to your list, chances are the end goal is to get your recipient to take some kind of action with you. Usually, that action is a purchase. To achieve that goal, you need to get your readers engaged with your brand. Engagement is a hot buzzword, but when you look at the statistics behind it, you’ll understand why. Customers (even your most loyal customers) buy more when eng