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June 19, 2015

Let’s Talk About Reach Efficiency in Mobile Marketing


When analyzing your social media marketing, one of the key metrics you look at is reach. This metric shows you how many people saw your advertisement, post, or message. It tells you how many times your brand and advertisement were exposed to a select group of buyers, making it one of the most important metrics to monitor.

Mobile marketing is no different.

Many marketers focus their social media analysis on clicks or open rates. Although these numbers paint a picture of interest, reach (also known as impressions) shows how wide of an audience you reached.

Why is Reach Important?

Reach is sometimes considered a vanity metric. It only shows how much exposure your brand received without telling you much more.

In mobile marketing, those impressions can make a huge difference in your overall success.

Consider this: A customer is spending the day out with her spouse running errands. She’s playing on her phone while her husband drives, when suddenly your ad appears. You’ve planted the seed that you’re in the area and open for business. She doesn’t have to click on the ad to know that she wants to swing by your store to pick up a few items. Your ad worked but the only metric that shows she engaged with you is reach.

Reach in Mobile Marketing

There’s just one problem with reach in mobile marketing: You might reach more people than your intended audience, wasting your impressions.

For example, if you are trying to capture the attention of women struggling to get pregnant between the ages of 28 – 35, you might advertise on fertility apps. That seems cut and dry, but consider this: many women use fertility apps, including those in their early 20s who just started trying, or are thinking about starting to try to get pregnant. Your impressions are lost on those other women who aren’t a great fit for your product.

Introducing Reach Efficiency

Reach efficiency is defined as how efficiently you reached your target audience. To calculate it, you need to look at your gross rating points (GRPs). This figure shows you the percentage of audience reached out of the total times your ad was served. The goal is to get as high of a percentage as possible.

To boost your reach efficiency, monitor your mobile marketing analytics. Watch what’s happening in real time. If you notice you’re not reaching your perfect audience, shift gears to advertise on other apps or websites.

How well does your mobile marketing reach the right audience? Could you reach more of your perfect buyers with a few tweaks?