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May 16, 2017

“Access people, not devices”

One Audience ID across all devices

Universal ID
Cross-Platform targeting

In a recent study by Yahoo and Ender Analysis, UK online ad spends will utilize Audience IDs in more than 2/3 of their campaign budgets by 2020. This budget increase is more than 28% than 2016. Furthermore, this projection comes despite the anticipated data regulation coming into full force next year by the GDPR.

Brands have expressed loss in trust by the recent concerns over Facebook’s measurability issues as well as YouTube’s brand safety concerns. The report highlights the benefits of cross-device audience buying as mechanism to authenticate the ad views and measure ad effectiveness.

Audience IDs are the online user profiles created from anonymous identifiers in order to recognize and match the same user across different channels, devices or both.

We, at , are happy to be part of this discussion as we have advocated the use of audience IDs for the past two years, to ensure accurate attribution value across the complex the cross-device marketplace. The use of the universal audience ID ensures relevant and custom targeted ad messaging, enabling platforms to connect the consumers with their brands across any device or media platform. In addition, RedLotus has been taking active an advocacy role to ensure our brands and campaign measures are compliant with the proposed regulation of GDPR. As we continue to help our brands adapt to the ‘single view’ of their customer across platforms, our machine learning assistant will garner clearer perspective of the correlation between ads seen & engaged as well as attribute the conversion to the correct media channel.

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