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May 22, 2017

HongKong secures 100% Mobile Audience Reach!


Mobile programmatic advertising is well positioned to take over across the globe. With each day the growing internet connections, machine learning and big data has enabled the growth in the mobile programmatic advertising sector. Just earlier this year, mobile traffic surpassed the desktop in many countries. As consumer preferences continue to favor mobile devices, to deliver the best ‘consumer-to-brand connections are crucial, in providing the native brand messaging experience.

In March 2017,  showcased its strength in the mobile ecosystem. In an independent third party audit, HongKong secured 100% audience reach across their mobile consumers. This success is attributed to our strong brands and publisher relationships, secured by  team. Layered on top of these relationships is the added infrastructure of the Machine Learning Artificial Intelligent platform.

“Mobile is a personal device that remains ON and is with always with the consumer. is seeing a huge mobile ecommerce growth. We have pegged ourselves in a strong, growing market and now we have 100% market coverage.  We are taking our geographical learnings and pushing forward to cover all of Asia. I am very proud of our stellar sales team. We connect brands with their consumers on-the-go. We have best of class branded media supply relationships that run rich media native mobile ad units. And, now we layer on a top notch technology using artificial intelligence – using our AI engine.” 

has been utilizing Machine Learning to determine the optimal bid strategy for the rate, best placement as well as rich media creative to serve on ‘audience level’ across devices. Our predictive machine learning algorithms utilize the cross-device data to formulate future prediction on user’s likelihood to engage with a brand.

Our A.I. strives to optimize the media buying process with the target goal to enhance the customer-brand relationship. The machine learning algorithms are highly efficient in assessing the correlating attributes across the device impression level. This deeper data point helps it formulate effective predictors of brand ad engagements – even when the consumer switch between devices throughout their day.”

Our platform uses the predictive models of device behaviors and consumer preferences to formulate optimal audience clusters, which traditional media platforms have struggled with. The computing power of platform enables the evaluation of various correlating data points simultaneously. Furthermore, the The algorithms improve the media bid decisions by enriching the audience level data on each impression call – taking in account not only the 1st party data, but also the 3rd party data streams.

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